Caspar K Ingham - Over 20 Years Experience in Digital Marketing


Advanced Marketing Practitioner Specialising in SEO & PPC

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A dynamic marketing strategist

Specialising in Travel B2C and Corporate B2B Sectors

Caspar has spent the last twenty five years focusing on marketing, Ecommerce and online revenue generation. All of the web development and marketing projects have one main objective: getting more revenue from a digital asset. Whether it is a digital broadcast  event, a B2B website, travel portal or product shop window CKSEO has created and developed short and long term revenue goals, as-well as brand marketing as our PPC, SEO and Content SEO case studies demonstrate. Some of these case studies also demonstrate customer publishing and event marketing solutions from over twenty-five years total marketing experience.

We have focused our expertise on generating more revenue, increasing digital real estate and significant brand recognition through the following online marketing strategies:


Natural SEO

From analysing an existing website’s current SEO position and how to improve it in the short and long term, to creating a schematic of the correct webpage hierarchies, focused intentions on each webpage, including keywords, content and site design for new websites’ search engine friendliness – you are guaranteed on of the most experienced knowledgeable practitioners in today’s SEO requirements.


Advanced Google AdWords Advertising

Whether you are looking to test the best keywords for your specific goals, increase your brand real estate on the most popular search engine or develop a new or existing Google AdWords campaign, we’ve got the expertise to help you real your digital objectives


Ecommerce UX & CRO

Over the last 20 years Caspar has worked on a number of websites and other digital media that has required an improvement of the User Experience (UX), an increase in sales conversions utilising Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and also tracking, improving and optimising Ecommerce buyer journeys both for the benefit of the user and website owner.


Online Public Relations

Getting online media exposure for your brand, products or services not only improves your brand awareness but also your websites’ Page Ranking and Authority on the internet. This can help ensure an improved overall position of your brand’s real estate on the internet and your rankings on many search engines.  We  have achieved both online and traditional press coverage for a range of clients both in the UK and abroad. Developing your brand requires a holistic approach, utilising social, press media, content, videos and images across a range of mediums as an integrated omni-channel campaign that depends on an in-depth understanding of your audience.


Social Media Strategy

Stand alone or integrated social marketing strategies are generally a must-have in today’s fluid and highly active online interactions with brands, customers, comment, especially from the key influencers within each specific social networks within your market-place. We work hard to create the online touch points that improve your levels of interaction. This often combine with all the other forms of digital marketing to provide you and your clients with seamless and integrated platforms to not only know and connect with your customers more deeply but also to understand your audiences’ social interactions. Click here to see our testimonials and reviews and have a look at our internet marketing case studies.

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Years Of Experience

Internet Marketing Solutions

Consultancy, strategy and delivery for a range of website & digital asset marketing

New Website Marketing Plan & Design for SEO

For most businesses, creating a new website is essential to convey the right message to your potential customers. Many website designers can create excellent "look and feel" for your business. You MUST consider the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) capabilities of your new website BEFORE it is created. Ensuring your website meets with SEO On-page best practice with the correct design, readability and web page hierarchies will give you a good head start when you create your new website marketing plan. The plan should include a launch press release, digital partnerships and creative social strategies to inspire your audience.

Advanced AdWords Advertising

Its easy to spend a lot of money on your Google AdWords advertising campaign and get no results whatsoever. Unless you know what you are doing you can waste a lot of your budget. However, with the right knowledge and hard work Google AdWords provides one of the highest converting and profit making tools available on the internet today and you can control your campaign to deliver some excellent results. We provide training, consultancy, and a free audit for your existing or planned Google AdWords advertising campaigns.

SEO Consultancy and Delivery

From ensuring your website is designed to meet basic search engine friendliness criteria to getting you quality back-links with highly ranking online partners, we work in-depth to provide you with an overall solution to improve your exposure on the internet. It's not just getting more visitors, but getting the visitors to your website with the intention to buy or interact to a level that will enable you to build long term relationships. Most importantly, its the quality content that attracts and engages visitors and search engines, we got many years experience developing long term content strategies and monthly editorial schedules that can improve your rankings by over 300% and conversions by over 60%, as our case studies demonstrate.

SEO and PPC Training

We are detail focused and dedicated to empowering business owners to develop the knowledge to market their own businesses online. We've been training beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners of SEO, PPC (including Google AdWords) and social media for a few years now. This would entail full days or half day sessions with followup screen shares and ongoing mentoring so that you can market your own business...

Why choose me....

Caspar has a wealth of experience generating revenue for websites in the travel, tourism & B2B sectors. He is able to take charge of your web business’ development; providing comprehensive services from conceptualization to ongoing business strategy.

Advanced technical know-how

We are up to date with the latest digital marketing techniques and best practice for SEO, Google AdWords, YouTube channels and social media

Passion & Pride

We love what we do and enjoy sharing our skills to advance businesses and help you reach your goals


We have the creative drive to design the most awe inspiring and captivating advertising and content, the element that captures your clients imagination

We listen to you

The people that make a business work are still the most important, we work hard to understand your requirements and meet them

Advanced Analytics

Getting to reach and communicate with your perfect target audience is so much about data, we go deeply into the data to find those segments most prepared to interact and engage with your solutions

Event & Video Marketing

We work hard to achieve your goals, whether its creating an eye catching event or engaging interactive content, our testimonials and case studies show that we deliver

What Our Customers Say About Us...

"I would recommend this service to any small or large business, the dedication and Attention to detail helped create very effective campaigns”. - Jason Dean, Managing Director.

Temple Holistic Fitness Centre Ltd

"When our guests googled for “yoga chiang rai”, our website always comes up first on Google search. I am happy to recommend Caspar's SEO and social media training services". Tania Ho - Managing Director.

Museflower Retreat & Spa Ltd

“it is very difficult to provide a positive return on investment in our sector with SEO & PPC, Caspar identified niche segments where we could improve performance – the results were very impressive!”. - Steve Dodd, Director of Ecommerce.

ERV Travel Insurance UK Ltd

Marketing Case Studies

Some of our work and results for a range of clients

Spa & Retreat Marketing Strategies
11 AUGUST, 2017

  Give Your Spa or Retreat Effective Marketing Caspar has specialised in travel marketing, focusing on delivering marketing strategies for luxury spas...

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Publishing Case Studies
11 AUGUST, 2017

Over the years Caspar has harnessed expertise creating revenue for customer publishing media, such as magazines, interactive media, and trade association reports...

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Spa Marketing at Events Case Studies
11 AUGUST, 2017

  We provide specialist event marketing strategies for spas, retreats and well-being media distribution. The types of events shown in our case...

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Internet Marketing Case Studies
10 AUGUST, 2017

Internet Marketing Case Studies We have a wealth of experience generating revenue for websites in the travel, tourism, B2B and other sectors...

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