6 Free Well-being Marketing Tips You Can Start Today!

October 27, 2017, 60 Comments

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Keeping your retreat or spa fully booked throughout peak and off seasons can be a real challenge. In this article we give you some spa marketing ideas for your plans that can help increase your conversions and clicks to add major value to your health and beauty marketing strategies…

With all the competition and mass of choice for clients, how can you stand out from the crowd? There are the obvious solutions such as providing outstanding service and client care, which often doesn’t cost any more than training your staff and ensuring they are empathic and thoughtful for your clients’ needs at all times.

Another given is education, your customers need to be educated as to why your product, treatment or retreat methodology is better than others. Educating your customers takes time, money and resource, but works very well, long term.

What can you change in the short term to improve engagement with clients online, and entice them to get in touch or book online…?


spa marketing advice to increase seo

  1. Content is still King!


The language you describe your retreat programme or treatment is SO important, be creative, conjure an image, appeal to sight, sound, touch and taste, make it exciting!

Look at the difference between these sentences:

Luxuriate in the most delectable garden sipping your fresh fruit mocktail as you recline comforted by pure cotton towels, while soothing music plays as you drift off into a blissful sleep…

Compared to:

Enjoy the outdoor experience and sample some of our healthy mocktails…


  1. Align all the facets of your treatment (and especially your retreat programme) to be a synergistic experience of the environment (including location), the therapy, the benefits and likely outcome. Express that in the language you use, always asking “so what” to any features or benefits and including what where why and when.


  1. Make the promise of the benefits clear, well researched and aligned with the target audiences’ requirements based on the search phrases they use to find the content.


  1. Create more individual sub-pages of your website for each product, treatment or facet of your retreat. This keeps the focus of the objective of each page and thereby the focus of the interest of the customer on that page. This will also drastically improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) providing you use the correct keywords related to the source webpage. These sub-pages should be linked-to from your main treatment or retreat programme pages.


  1. Increase your interactivity with videos and podcasts of treatments and the retreat content. This will bring your clients closer to you and they will get a much better picture of how your solutions can help them. Studies have shown that interactive content such as videos and podcasts improve the time people stay on your website, which makes you stand out against your competitors and gives you more chance of getting an enquiry or booking the longer they are on your website. You can also post these across all possible social media channels to increase your signal reach and social signals. This will also greatly improve your SEO!


  1. Before your discerning client has left, make sure you get feedback and find out what their long-term needs and interests are, and continue selling based on those needs! Keep some continuity after the retreat, to help them integrate what they have learnt or practiced and give them support to keep up the good-work, keep healthy or learn how to do what they experienced themselves!


free retreat marketing tips


These are only quick tips supplied by Caspar who has been marketing and working at retreats and spas for the last twelve years.

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