Internet Marketing Case Studies

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Internet Marketing Case Studies

We have a wealth of experience generating revenue for websites in the travel, tourism, B2B and other sectors as our recent digital campaign case studies demonstrate.

We hope that you enjoy reading our internet marketing case studies!

Whether you are looking for advanced SEO capabilities, PPC Services or digital marketing strategy; we are able to take charge of your web business’ development; providing comprehensive services from conceptualization to ongoing sales & marketing strategy.

“It’s not attracting visitors to a website that’s the challenge of marketing; it’s attracting the niche segment of visitors that are truly prepared to buy. My mission as a consultant is to apply marketing strategies to locate and achieve the highest yield possible from this audience.”

Your sales and marketing processes can be optimized to reduce cost per click, cost per inquiry and cost per booking. With a heightened online presence, your company can increase its customer yield and the value your website.

Please see below some internet marketing case studies of our recent work, where we have provided exceptional results maintaining PPC advertising revenue profit, profit from website visitors from SEO consultancy and improved User Experience (UX) for our clients’ discerning customers:

ERV UK Travel Insurance



  • Digital Marketing campaign planning, PPC, SEO, Video, Social, etc
  • Google AdWords campaigns provided a 500-1,000% ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend)
  • SEO campaigns delivered a 345% uplift on-page rankings
  • Complex content campaign delivered often increasing rankings from 20th to 4th on


In several months we reached a staggering 1,000% ROAS, this meant that for every £1 spent by our client on Google AdWords advertising we returned £10 and for every £1,000 they spent we returned £10,000! However this is not easy to achieve, it took a lot of hard, work analysis and optimisation.

We also had a lot of success with ERV’s organic search optimisation or SEO through careful SEO Content planning and delivery. We also spent a lot of time creating a synergistic Social media campaign along with the content. This increased social signals by more than a thousand fold and also a 345% increase in search engine rankings for the web-pages we created and existing pages that we edited. Contact us for more information about how our internet marketing consultancy for SEO, AdWords and social media strategy can help your business

Kairali Yoga Retreat Business & Website


retreat marketing yoga programme design seo ppc case study


  • Created the Kairali Yoga business, a guest teacher retreat business
  • Created exclusive one-to-one and group retreat programmes
  • Delivered a 33% enquiry to booking ratio, 300% higher than other products
  • SEO & PPC Campaigns delivered exceptional profit
  • Optimised and managed retreat operations and guest concierge
  • Fully responsible for guests retreat experience and customer service
  • Onsite guest concierge and retreat operations management including 25 multi-disciplined staff


Here we created a online retreat business from scratch, project managing the creation of the business as well as a cutting edge digital strategy that enabled the business to make a profit within the first few months. We also defined the conceptual strategy to ensure we always had highly professional retreat teachers on hand, and a niche Google AdWords strategy to deliver the right clients to the right retreats. We had a lot of happy customers!

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Kairali Ayurvedic Group – 11 Spas & 7 websites


web project management consultancy seo ppc social media strategy


  • IT/SEO Project Management: CRM, Web Dev, Database, SEO, PPC, all Advertising.
  • Consulted for International Spa Franchise and Health Products on Marketing Strategy.
  • 200% uplift in visitor levels, 7 new websites delivered, new CRM and marketing team.


We project managed the design and development of over 7 websites together with the clients SEO, PPC, email and CRM marketing strategy, design and delivery. Managing over 25 personnel at various locations and langauges round the world was quite a challenge. The new design and SEO’d websites were highly lauded by customers and staff alike, and the visitor levels jumped within a few months, let alone the impact of multiple-channeled in-sync marketing campaigns we delivered worldwide. The websites still hold their own with ranking on Google search with literally hundreds of first position and page rankings on Google.

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Museflower Retreat & Spa Website Marketing


case study social media for retreat marketing


  • Trained the owner in social media marketing
  • Provided a new SEO friendly site structure and schematic
  • Researched and delivered the best keywords for the new website
  • Provided back-link and online PR websites and strategy
  • Consulted on retreat programme strategy
  • Setup enquiry and website visitor tracking

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Marketing for Temple Holistic Fitness Centre


sales and mareketing for firness centre tai chi retreat

  • Optimised the website, achieving high rankings on niche keywords with SEO
  • Created and delivered lucrative Google AdWords campaigns for one-day seminars
  • Managed fitness centre, including therapists, customers, class timetable
  • Sold membership and group bookings online
  • developed extensive online partnerships that delivered membership enquiries
  • Obtained press coverage in local newspapapers for events
  • Managed to email CRM infrastructre

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The Bowen Clinic – AdWords Training


adwords advanced training case study seo strategy

  • Trained Managing Director on Google AdWords advertising
  • Setup Google AdWords campaigns
  • Delivered SEO analysis including site health, back-link contacts, SEO & Online PR


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If you are looking for more information about our recent case histories from 2016, 2017 or the many years before, email us with the subject heading “Internet Marketing Case Studies” and detail the information you request in the body of our inquiry form found here.


WE specialise in SEO, PPC, AdWords and social media strategy training, delivery and planning, but our work is not limited to that, we’ve also delivered some unique and exciting events. If you would like to find out how we can help you telephone for an informal chat on +44(0)203 289 7272.

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